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1st Responders New Testaments

Police & Fire Fighter's New Testaments & Psalms.
A great way to show support for both your local Fire & Police Departments, and their families. 

$10.00 each postage included 
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David Umfreville 
Prison-To-Praise International
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A Daily Choice

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The Overcomers Recovery Support Program is a spiritual plan of recovery for people struggling with life-controlling problems. The program is based on the 90-day recovery workbook - A Daily Choice: Overcoming Life-Controlling Problems (Charles and Sharon Burton, Overcomers)

Cuba Para Christo

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All Fired Up

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All Fired Up shows in a profound way that a person's life can change - for the better. Brent Bishop grew up with low self-worth and held onto a belief that he would never amount to anything. This book truly demonstrates that through God, all things are possible. (Brent Bishop, Bridges of Canada)


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Cuba Para Cristo was inspired by the great music performed in Cuba. This acoustic Latin flavored CD features the old rhythms and styles that reflect some of the history of Cuba music. (Tony Loeffler, The Solid Rock Evangelistic Association)

Families at the Gallows

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Families on the Gallows of Criminal Justice (A Local Church Response to Families in the Crisis of Incarceration) is a complete manual for churches ministering to at-risk families and children of inmates. It is the compilation of fifteen years experience. It includes Scriptural and social justification for such a ministry, step by step planning, organizational direction, enlistment advice, reporting and budgeting guidelines, supporting forms provided on CD, and a DVD testimonial presentation by volunteers and family members. Price includes shipping.

Purchase with Mercy Heart Ministry Action Clinic DVD for $44.95 including shipping and handling. (Roger W. Hollar, Mercy Heart)
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This is the story of Johnny Moffitt who, by his own admission, accomplished nothing worthwhile in the first 27 years of his life, but who, after his conversion to Christ, built a multi million-dollar boys' ranch in Texas to help pre-delinquent and abused youngsters and founded an international prison ministry in which he continues to be active as a prison evangelist. - Delivered: From the Hands of His Enemies to Serve God Without Fear

Forgetta Bout It

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At the age of 16, Rocco Morelli was already on his way up the ladder of life in the big time. A hometown Mafia “prince” with family roots that sank deep into organized crime, Morelli was cursed to repeat the sins of his fathers until his life-changing encounter with the only man who can stand up to him: Jesus Christ. Join in Morelli’s exciting transformation from playboy gangster to mob politician to God’s man, finding identity and protection in the #1 family in the universe. (Rocco Morelli, Rocco Morelli Ministries)

Full Pardon

Games Criminals Play

Full Pardon, Billy Mcfetridge
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​When Billy McFetridge was discharged from the British Army, the Ulster Defence Association knew they needed his skills as a soldier. Soon Billy was leading raids on clubs and shops, raising money for weapons. Arrested on manslaughter charges he spent seven years in the Maze Prison. Under the direction of a prison chaplain Billy started to study the Bible. One night God spoke to him. 'For the first time ever, my prayers became two-way communications with God'. Slowly the rebuilding of Billy McFetridge was underway. 'As you read this book, you will face a life which had sunk to the depths of sin and crime, which tried to justify the vile deeds under the cloak of a para-military organisation. But God through his grace saw the tremendous possibilities in the life of Billy McFetridge. I have sat under his ministry at bible classes in Strangeways Prison, and witnessed his love for these men, who are in prisons inside their own personalities. Canon Noel Proctor, MBE MA. Previously chaplain at Wandsworth, Eastchurch.

Helping Hands

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Product description:

A practical guide for volunteers in correctional settings. Bayse discusses the criminal justice system, security issues, inmate slang and reasons for crime. He also offers suggestions on how to understand the criminal personality, communicate with inmates, and prevent manipulation. (American Correctional Association, not a COPE member)
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Games Criminals Play & How You Can Profit By Knowing Them has been a bestseller for over two decades, this fascinating resource exposes how criminals try to control the behavior of correctional personnel—how to recognize, prevent, and stop manipulation. Learn how inmates observe and select victims. Also, see how they gain their confidence and sympathy and make demands. (American Correctional Association, not a COPE member)

Get Out & Stay Out

Price $7.99*

Get Out & Stay Out! is a workbook, developed by COPE board member Richard H. Johnson, to help incarcerated men and women put together a written plan for their return to free society. Eight years in development, and field tested under real world conditions with input from inmates who used it, Get Out & Stay Out! is divided into two sections:

Section One offers tips and suggestions covering functional needs (such as finding a job), emotional needs (recovery and the prosperity of the soul), and spiritual needs (becoming friends with Jesus).  Section Two provides plenty of space to write down the details of their plan, as users answer questions designed to help them cover all the bases.

Get Out & Stay Out! is available at for list price. Simply search "Rev. Richard Johnson."
*Email for bulk orders at a steeply discounted price.

Help! I'm Locked Up... I Need Hope!

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Help! I'm Locked Up and I Need Hope! guides the student throught Hosea 2. Written specifically for women, this study provides an understanding of God's purpose in allowing their incarceration wilderness. The student comes away from this study with renewed hope and understanding of the God who never leaves them nor forsakes them in their darkest hour. (Chaplain Lynn Potter, Potter's Heart Ministry)

Help! I'm Locked Up... Who Am I?

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Inmate Alex Hudson tells his story of survival, redemption and victory. The student meets Alex through the journals and letters he wrote while incarcerated. As Alex finds out who he is, the student learns of his/her great worth to the God who created them. Men and women of all ages learn how to see themselves as God sees them. (Chaplain Lynn Potter, Potter's Heart Ministry)

How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011

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Case-bound Hardback $31.99 Purchase Information

Immeasurable Value of Religion, Volunteers and Their Chaplains

As Maness so forcefully presents, religion is truly the greatest source for change in human history, and our staff chaplains facilitate that. Likewise, we came to see there would be little true cost savings, in that some staffer would have to take care religion in prison–it's a right after all–and manage the good volunteers.

Jesus House

Price: $9.95 - $10.95 Purchase Information

Jesus House is an in depth book on the answer for our current problems of crime and mass incarceration. Jesus House provides a proven answer. Available where books are sold.  Visit for wholesale pricing.

Dr. William Bumphus is the Founder of Jesus House, a Christian Residential Facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana.He and his wife of thirty eight years, Juanita founded Faith Center Church International, and Jesus Inside Prison Ministry, Inc.William and Juanita have five grown children.William was arrested 23 times and served prison terms, before he met Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior and has now been serving Him for the past 38 years.William Has appeared on numerous radio and Television programs, including TBN Network, Lesea Broadcasting Network, 700 club and was on the cover of Charisma Magazine.William has ministered in over five hundred and sixty prisons in the United States and ministers internationally in prisons and churches in Lagos, Nigeria."


Man from Macedonia

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In his powerful memoir, Man from Macedonia, Rev. Johnson shares stories from the bumpy road that God has led him along over the last seventy-plus years. His insights from the front lines of the civil rights and social justice struggles startle and inspire all of us who seek to make a difference in the world. His sacrificial service as North Carolina's first African American Secretary of Corrections cleary demonstrates that one man CAN make a difference - often at a cost. $18.95 softcover, $24.95 audio book, $9.99 Kindle edition.

Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out

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For most Christians, prison culture is like visiting a foreign land, and the thought of ministering in prisons to those incarcerated is an intimidating prospect. Prison Ministry will empower any pastor, educator, or lay leader in doing effective prison ministry by providing a thorough “inside-out” view of prison life. Author Lennie Spitale offers a unique and qualifying vantage for writing about prison culture and prison ministry. As a young man, Spitale served a prison sentence for an armed robbery that was later reduced to assault and robbery. Two years after his conversion to Christianity, he began conducting a weekly Bible study in a local jail.

Help! I'm Locked Up... and I Need Peace!

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This study deals with a subject every human encounters, incarcerated or not - rejection and its correlation to anger. Alex Hudson continues his story from Help! I'm Locked Up...Who Am I? and helps the student recognize anger and rage leading him/her to forgiveness and freedom. Written for men and women of all ages who seek deliverance from internal conflict. (Chaplain Lynn Potter, Potter's Heart Ministry)

The Hoodlum Preacher

John Sprankle, I Thought I Had Read the Book of Acts
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Burton's book THE HOODLUM PREACHER: I WAS LOST NOW I AM FOUND details a life of crime and redemption as the former drug addict now helps troubled youth and young prisoners avert a wasted life and turn things around as he finally did.

I Am Responsible

Price: $12.95 Purchase Information

Responsibility means different things to different people. Our five workbooks are designed to reach different audiences in a personal way. Each of the five workbooks uses the 26 letters of the alphabet to prompt reflection on different aspects of personal responsibility. Interactive in nature, the workbooks allow individual users to select “responsibility words” that reflect their perspectives and life experiences. Easy to use and thought provoking, the workbooks can serve as private journals, as well as platforms for group exercises and discussions. User response and participation is the goal. The workbooks are the first step in building a multifaceted organization designed to promote personal responsibility in decision-making.
Prison Inmate Version - Recidivism is a huge national problem. Inmates being released from custody face daunting challenges. This version of the I Am Responsible workbook takes a closer look at some of these challenges and provides an opportunity for inmates to consider personal responsibility as they make decisions. The goal is to give them a chance to stay out of prison and to participate as productive members of society. Available in both printed and digital versions.

Loaves & Fishes

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This free discipleship magazine for use in prison ministry designed especially for prisoners includes inspiring stories, testimonies, clarification of difficult verses and sections of the Bible, poetry, illustrations and challenging puzzles.

Are you involved in prison ministry? Do you have a friend in prison? Are you looking for Christian literature with clear Biblical teaching and solid life-changing content? We are committed to help. Loaves & Fishes is reaching thousands behind prison bars, and lives are being changed! (Lighthouse Publishing)

Mercy Heart Ministry Action Clinic

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Mercy Heart Ministry Action Clinic (an awareness and education presentation) is a 50-minute DVD presentation providing an overview of the Mercy Heart Chapel Program. It will develop an awareness of the at-risk nature of families and children of inmates, introduce the Mercy Heart model for ministry, and answer questions about this ministry. It includes a menu of frequently asked questions, a downloadable clinic manual (PDF), and additional Mercy Heart video presentations. Price includes shipping and handling.

Purchase with Families on the Gallows of Criminal Justice (A Local Church Response for Families in the Crisis of Incarceration) for $44.95 including shipping and handling. (Roger Hollar, Mercy Heart).

Ride the White Horse

Shortcut to Heaven

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Ride the White Horse:
A Checkered Jockey's Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption

Eddie Donnally rode on racing's undercard, lived inside its underbelly and became a part of its underworld. From constant bulimia, broken bones and betrayal of Boston's infamous Winter Hill Gang, he depicts an unseen side of Thoroughbred racing.

Yet the five tons of his sweat that disappeared down "hot box" drains was nothing compared to his struggles with sibling sexual trauma, same-sex promiscuity and an addiction to crack cocaine that in seven months took from him newspaper writing and TV show hosting to grooming horses on the backstretch. Supernatural redemption came in a jail cell. After 17 years of Christian ministry, he holds a Doctorate in Ministry and serves as a hospice and hospital chaplain. (Eddie Donnally)

Price: $14.99 Purchase Information

Identifying the path to our final resting place, whether it be heaven or hell, is something everyone in this world is searching for…how do I get to heaven is a question all of us will ask at some point in our lives. Robert Bush reveals the only true answer to this age-old question in his inspirational newly-released book, Shortcut to Heaven.

There is a second part to the equation that Bush tackles head-on as well. Once we realize how to get to heaven, then how in the world do we reflect the true walk of a Christian in our daily lives? He clearly illustrates in Shortcut to Heaven how we best equip ourselves to overcome the land mines we will face along the way, as we ultimately navigate our way to victory!

Bush’s unique ability to combine 10 captivating short stories plus Scripture will provide you with the weapons you need in order to make this journey. This is the one must-read book that will challenge your mind, stir your heart, and positively impact your soul…(Robert Bush, Robert Bush Books

Texas Heat

Price: $ 15.99 Purchase Information

Texas Heat is a compilation of live prison concerts and reflects all the energy and intensity that Tony Loeffler brings to the platform musically. It burns with enthusiasm and passion and you can feel the heat as some of these performances were done in 102 degree temperatures. (Tony Loeffler, The Solid Rock Evangelistic Association)

The Janitor Brigade

Price: $ 14.99 Purchase Information

The Janitor Brigade is guaranteed to make the reader think about his or her life like never before. Robert Bush does a masterful job of integrating the characters of the book into real-life scenarios that many of us face each and every day. Jonathan Gunn’s life is about to be exposed, as the battle around him begins to unfold. As Jonathan’s mind takes him back to yesterday’s world, he finds himself afraid of what may be waiting for him in the darkness. As the war around him intensifies to a fever pitch, his life is exposed and he is able to see within his own soul. Afraid of what may lie on the other side of the door, Jonathan desperately searches for answers before it is too late. (Robert Bush, Robert Bush Books)

The Real World of Restorative Justice Ministry

The Rescue

Price: $ 12.99 Purchase Information

This book looks at several facets of restorative justice ministry which covers all those touched by the criminal justice system: inmates, staff, victims, and their respective families. It examines the main areas of concern and models timeless principles from ministries and professionals that actually work in the real world. It also discusses what can be done to improve conditions inside and out and explores the future of restorative justice ministry. Mention COPE when ordering and $5.00 of each purchase will be donated to COPE. (David Umfreville, Prison to Praise International)
Price: $30.00 Purchase Information

The Rescue: Setting the Captives Free is a DVD series of seven teaching and testimony segments filmed live at the Woodman State Jail in Gatesville, Texas. Dee Brestin, best-selling author and teacher, is a captivating speaker, and her 20-minute teachings offer hope to women in prison longing to be free.

The women in prisons and shelters identify with Ruth because: Ruth was an outcast with a difficult past; Ruth chose to say goodbye to her past and cling to a new family; and God did a mighty rescue of Ruth and she became part of the lineage of Jesus our Savior.

Karla Faye Tucker provides a contemporary parallel to Ruth, so her testimony is woven into this material. Additionally, there are testimonies by Linda Strom and Terry Strom. A study guide on the book of Ruth is also available. (Linda Strom, Discipleship Unlimited.)

The Ultimate Pardon

The Ultimate Pursuit

Price: $12.00 Purchase Information
FREE for members of the US military and incarcerated men & women throughout the U.S.

Exposed to pornography at age ten to soliciting prostitutes at fourteen, Bill Corum lived a reckless and destructive life. While serving in the United States Marine Corps a superior told Bill at the age of eighteen “if you don’t change your ways, you’ll be in prison by the time you’re twenty one.” Disregarding the warning, that is exactly what happened. Returning home to Kansas City several years later, he was determined to never go back to prison. Yet, with his insatiable hunger for money, power, and influence, he became an underworld enforcer for organized crime, pornography and anything that made money. Bill was implicated as being one of the leading cocaine dealers in Kansas City.

In his autobiography, Bill Corum takes you to a world most believe only exists in television. The Ultimate Pardon is an inspiring true story of one man’s escape from a life of serious crime and certain death. For every 3 copies of The Ultimate Pardon purchased, 20 books are donated.
Price: $ 14.95 Purchase Information

After high school graduation, Carl enlisted in the U.S. Navy, was assigned to Guam and there in a dorm found himself being offered heroin for the first time. After multiple refusals to get high, he gave in once, which launched a 15-year downward spiral in his life. Carl became entrenched in the drug world as a heroin and cocaine user, smuggling drugs and living only for his next fix.

Personal experiences are brought to life from inside his maximum-security prison. "Drugs took me where I did not want to go, made me stay there longer than I wanted to stay, demanding more of me than I wanted to give." He communicates what it felt like to be homeless, hopeless, and a convict lost on the very streets he grew up on. He did not care whether he lived or died... but a much higher power did.

When all hope was lost and it looked as if he would die a dope fiend, an old friend wrote him in a letter while in prison about a Christian program called Teen Challenge. Here he would be loved, taught the Bible, and how to live a life free from drugs and the horrible life he knew. This poignant, true-life story will grip your heart as you journey with a man on The Ultimate Pursuit.

The Visitor

Uprooting Anger

Price: $ 14.99 Purchase Information

Edward Conners has wanted it all for a very long time…including money, fame, and fortune. Up until now, he’s always been one deal away from the win that could change his life…but things are about to change. Before he knows it, Edward is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, but is the price for his desire going to cost him everything in the end? Is Edward willing to give up his current life for the lifestyle he’s always wanted, or is he willing to go down an entirely different path…one that may save both his life and his soul in the process? One of the most suspenseful stories ever written, The Visitor…Three Wishes for a Life, will undoubtedly take you into a world that will grip you like never before. Robert Bush’s ability to challenge the reader continues to set him apart from everyone else, as his follow-up to Shortcut to Heaven and The Janitor Brigade is a masterpiece…one you will never forget. Be prepared for the book that will grab on to you from the very first page…and never let you go! (Robert Bush, Robert Bush Books)
Price: $17.99 Purchase Information

Uprooting Anger: Destroying the Monster Within is a collection of thirty-one meditations on passages of the Bible that deal with anger. Each meditation is followed by a Bible study to aid in applying the principle that is discussed. The book is appropriate for individual or group study. Group study is recommended for greater effectiveness. Take quiz at to evaluate your anger problem.

Special pricing available for group use in correctional facilities or ex-offender groups. For information on special pricing, email; include institution and group facilitator names. E-books available for $12.00 (Kay Camenisch)

You Can Be Set Free

Price: $ 1.00 Purchase Information

He thought no one loved him, and so he embarked on a career of crime and frequent imprisonments...until Someone love him and set him free! Books are free to chaplains in cases of 72. (William Bumphus, Jesus Inside Prison Ministry)