Mid-Atlantic Workshops

Children And Family Ministry

What about the Children - Supporting Children of Incarcerated Parents: Children are too often left out of conversations about incarceration, prison work, and re-entry. Workshop discussion includes what has been learned about children of incarcerated parents, the barriers and stigma they face and the resources that do or do not exist. There will also be discussion about one ministry's work with men at a minimum security facility, their relationships with their children and families, and what they do to support and challenge the men.  
Angel Tree Camp: Why and How:  Most of us have seen or at least heard about grandfathers, fathers and sons all incarcerated in the same facility. [Camp David of the Ozarks]Like a train going off a fallen bridge, each generation follows the other. What if there was a way to disconnect the cars from the train and put them on a different track following a different train? What if you could give their children something else to follow? Through Angel Tree Camping, children of prisoners learn essential life skills like forgiveness, conflict resolution and responsibility. Explore the possibilities. You don't have to start big. It's more possible than you think. 
Extended Family for Kids:  In every community there are misunderstood children who are hard to help because they have an incarcerated family member. This workshop provides creative, effective and easily implemented solutions for working with these kids. The components of this program are designed to build self-esteem, ease feelings of shame and isolation, decrease stress, address anger issues and strengthen communication skills.
Crime Through a Child's Eyes:  The desire to be reconciled with their inmate parent is the heart cry of children of the incarcerated.  Reconciliation and forgiveness are [Forgiven Ministry logo]  the foundations of breaking the generational cycle of crime that runs rampant across our nation. When, through Christ, an inmate parent accepts his/her responsibility as a parent and the goal becomes to love, guide and instruct from behind the walls then lives change and families become families.  
In-Prison Marriage Seminars: Less than 3% of marriages survive prison. Discover how to conduct a successful 3-day, in-prison marriage seminar.  Not only are marri [WVIW logo] ages saved, lives of inmates and their wives are changed for eternity.  Wives, who stay in a local motel at night, go into the prison and attend the seminar with their husbands.  This highly effective program is in great demand by Texas prisons.

Women's Ministry

Women in Prison - Faces of the Future: Serving time behind bars because of poor choices, women in prison deserve an outstretched hand to help get up, brush themselves off and get back on track.  They will eventually return to our communities to resume their lives.  What are we doing while they are incarcerated as well as upon release to help them experience a successful transition and prevent recidivism?  Learn how successful programs have equipped these women to reinvent themselves, regain their confidence and competence, and take back their lives and their families as well as prepare for their future careers.
The Trauma of Trafficking:  Discussion of human trafficking among female offenders. Gain an understanding of the federal laws on trafficking and work together on a case study.  Learn ways to recognize the signs of someone who has been trafficked and how to dialogue with these women about the trauma.
No More Secret Shame:  This workshop uses the Word of God, education, personal stories and audience participation to present lessons and truths on how to break the cycle of domestic violence. Participants will learn the warning signs and discover ways respond to victims.

Ministry Development

Social Media 101: Basics of Social Media: Want to market your organization through social media?  Find it overwhelming? Don’t know where to start?  Does it even work? Not sure?  Learn the answers to these questions and discover the value of using social media to reach current and future supporters and donors.  Decide what is right for your organization, what to post and how to post it.

Social Media 102: You’re Social, Now What?: Convinced that the social media market will work for your organization you now need some tips to take you to the next level.  Learn how to know which popular social media network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+) is right for your organization.  Other concepts discussed include what kind of content to create and post, etiquette (DO NOT USE ALL CAPS) and how to tell if your content is working.  Wrap up with suggestions on what to do next.
Managing Changes & Transition in Your Ministry: Change is inevitable. This workshop deals with the process experienced during change. Change sometimes devastates those who go through it, but it does not have to. Learning to manage transition will help the change go easier and may save your ministry.
Fundraising Fundamentals: Examine the four pillars of fundraising: direct mail, events, grant proposals and major donor programs along with the fundamentals of a the strategic plan needed to effectively implement them.  Includes a discussion and interchange of creative ideals germane to your particular organization.  Learn, share ideas and be inspired…and gain a basic understanding of how to increase your organization’s funds. 
Keeping it Legal: You’ve formed a nonprofit organization to operate your ministry.  Your donors, constituents, and other stakeholders trust that you are operating legally and ethically.  What accountability and transparency issues should concern you most?  This session will be led by Dennis Walsh, CPA, a volunteer consultant to Christian workers and nonprofit organizations.  He will discuss 12 key areas of nonprofit financial management, answer your questions, and provide supporting handouts to aid your understanding of these important issues.
Building Better Boards: This workshop will include information about how to choose board members, the responsibilities of the board, necessary policies, the board's relationship with the Executive Director, and more. 

Prison Ministry

Pluralism and Prison Ministry: How it can assist chaplains and volunteers provide a ministry within correctional facilities. When applying the definition of pluralism to correctional ministries, we come up with many questions.  Are limitations imposed by pluralism?  Are freedoms associated with pluralism?  Does pluralism restrict volunteers from becoming volunteers? This workshop answers these questions and provides recommendations to optimize your opportunity to lead others in discovering religious truth and godly living. 
Jail Ministry: Our city and county jails are the first place on the frontline of impacting the lives of those detained or incarcerated.  Learn the difference between a jail ministry and a prison ministry.  Discover how to develop a jail ministry that makes an impact. 
Root Causes – Building Up the Broken: This interactive session discusses the link between the root causes of behavior and reoccurring adult incarceration.  A blend of spiritual and practical applications provides prison ministry workers with strategies for assisting inmates with rebuilding their broken worlds. 
A Case of Mistaken Identity: Explore the impact of the names we choose to call ourselves and others. Learn how to change the negative reality into a positive outcome. Find keys for moving in a new direction and helping others see themselves as God sees them. Discover biblical truths that work to establish this new perspective in every individual’s life, particularly those with a difficult past.


Scoring with Money - Achieving Goals on a Shoestring: Avoid financial setbacks due to poor choices, falling into temptation, becoming victim of a scam and even generational poverty! This workshop provides basic information about how to manage your money, how to set and achieve goals, avoid financial trouble, and began your life of financial stability and empowerment.  Your family relationships could be improved too!  
Going Home: Sure, you know there will be adjustments when your loved one comes home from prison. But just what does that mean? Six key areas of adjustment and tools for dealing with re-entry will be shared as well as an easy-to-learn communication secret that might just keep your family together! This workshop is interactive, fun and helpful to returning inmates, families waiting for someone to come home and people who work with them.
I Just Spent 15 Years I Prison – Now What?: A discussion about the fears, difficulties, triumphs and trials of parolees who served long-term incarcerations. We will look at release in a post-9/11 world after being locked up in a pre-9/11 world. Included is an examination of how the church can minister to these people to ensure both a successful transition into society as well as a joyful participation in the church.
Healing Communities: What if we ministered to individuals and families affected by crime and incarceration the same way we do those impacted by sickness and death? What if prison ministry expanded beyond the prisons and provided support for victims and their families, and the incarcerated and their families? Is redemption and restoration possible?
Non-traditional Housing: Examine this successful model of developing non-traditional faith-based supportive housing that includes a comprehensive array of services for homeless recovering formerly incarcerated people. 
Breaking the Chains - Restoring Families: God has a design for the family.  However, too often they are fractured and left to pick up the pieces caused by a life of destructive behaviors.  How can they begin to put their lives back together?  Family restoration is a crucial element for anyone seeking recovery, whether from a life behind bars or any lifestyle that leaves a person held in bondage.   The generational bondages can be stopped.  Learn how to identify and break the chains that have led to the behaviors.  

Interpersonal Development

Active Listening: Listening is one of the most powerful expressions of genuine love there is. It opens the door to make disciples of hurting and hungry people. Most of us are terrible at listening. We have our own agendas, and in conversation generally wait impatiently for the other person to stop talking so that we can say what we want to say. This workshop discusses ways to develop and improve our active listening skills, so that we might better understand not only where the people we minister to are coming from, but how we might help them become spiritually-mature, emotionally whole, and fully-committed followers of Jesus Christ.
RelationShapes - the Shape of Our Relationships: The cycle of abuse can prevent us from enjoying intimacy with God and one another. A dance that prevents genuine, drama-free communication, this cycle often becomes a downward spiral which can lead to physical violence and even death. Learn how to leave the cycle behind in a way that pleases God and helps us establish and maintain strong relationships. Discover how to enjoy deep and lasting intimacy with those closest to us. Equip yourself with tools to help others leave toxic relationships behind and become whole and free.
Healing From Brokenness: Statistics for persons with a history of sexual abuse are startling high, but among inmate populations the numbers are significantly higher. The spiritual, psychological and behavioral outcomes of such abuse can be predictable and devastating.   Gain an understanding of the psychology and spirituality of self-destructive behaviors that result from abuse.  Learn how they can be ended and even reversed through a relationship with Christ.   
Help! I’m About to Blow My Top! Does frustration build and anger erupt when faced with interruptions, resistance, opposition and bad attitudes? Do you explode when disappointed and upset with yourself? Losing cool and blowing you top undermines your efforts to build healthy relationships, encourage others and be a positive witness for Jesus Christ. God’s Word tells us to be slow to anger and put it away. Examine the pitfalls of strife, the Lord’s view of anger, and how to gain freedom in Christ.

Dealing with Addiction

What the Bible Says about Relapse & Addiction: The dynamics of addiction and relapse prevention are presented along with biblical definitions and breakdown of the roles that various spiritual factors play in addiction: old nature, heart, flesh and the world, strongholds, generational curses.  Spiritual change and restoration are compared to therapeutic change and self-rehabilitation.  Session includes an introduction to Biblical Cognitive Models of Addiction and Relapse Prevention.
Breaking the Habit: It is estimated that 65-70% of prisoners are incarcerated because of drug and/or alcohol related crimes. If the heart sins aren’t dealt with, the likelihood of reoffending is very high. This workshop looks at biblical means for dealing with addictions and how the church can effectively minister to people who struggle with drugs and alcohol. 


My Loved One has HIV/AIDS: Get the facts. Study the basics. Learn the differences between HIV and AIDS. Understand how HIV attacks and weakens the immune system. Determine how HIV is and is not transmitted. Identify who is at risk for HIV infection.
Police Officer Ministry: Navigate the unique culture of Law Enforcement Officers and learn how best to serve those have committed their lives to Protect and Serve.