Being Understood

Being Understood

Continued from the April 2017 Newsletter

The children in Uganda were so excited to get our cards and letters, that they colored and pasted and created cards to send back to the USA. As I read some of the notes, I saw a similar theme- incarceration affects children in every nation with the same shame and hopelessness- but when given the opportunity to learn about God, He becomes their hope. The fat package of letters from Uganda were not only full of hope and friendship, there was a letter with a special invitation.
One of the leaders at Wells of Hope, the non-profit organization in Uganda, was inviting Camp David to come in September and run a week of camp. I was honored, but I regret to admit that I somewhat dismissed the idea because I had no idea how we could afford to go to Africa. I didn’t have the faith of young Hope who wrote that note. But God didn’t let me forget, and kept tapping me on the shoulder asking why I was holding back in fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Then in February, through a series of events, I said, “Yes, God. I will step out in obedience, trusting that you will provide the finances, team members, and everything we need.”

So I am excited to announce that Camp David of the Ozarks will launch our first International Camp for Children of Prisoners in Uganda, Sept. 21- Oct. 1st. Wells of Hope has 135 children that will attend the camp, and we are looking for Camp Grandparents and others with a heart for those affected by incarceration to join our team. We will also visit a prison in Uganda and encourage the parents behind bars.

Recently, God has been speaking to my heart about the staff and leaders at Wells of Hope. I know what it’s like to be exhausted and running on fumes as a ministry leader. I imagine there are many other prison evangelists who understand the feeling of being alone and being “weary in doing good.” In as much as our mission trip to Uganda is focused on the children, it is also an opportunity to reach out to these leaders and let them know they are understood- to surround them and lift up their arms and speak God’s words of love, hope and affirmation to them for their work as soldiers in His kingdom.

To learn more about this Uganda Mission Trip, visit Programs/Uganda Mission Trip.

Grace Smith