2019 Speakers, Presenters, & Bands


William Bumphus

From a life of crime to a life in Christ, the Anointed One!!!
I began a life of crime at a very young age. I began stealing on purpose at the age of 13. I stole cars and did burglaries. I drank every day and took a few pills.
At the age of 17, I was arrested and sentenced as an adult to the Indiana State Farm which is now called the Putnamville Correctional Center in Greencastle, Indiana. I learned more about crime there and upon my release, I continued my life but was only worse. I got hooked on mainlining heroin and cocaine.
I was arrested 23 times and served time in three more prisons before my criminal life ended. I served time again at Putnamville, Terre Haute Federal Prison, and finally at Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, Indiana. Every prison I served time in, I spent time in the hole. I didn't believe in Jesus and definitely did not believe the Bible.
Finally, while facing a possible 60 year sentence, I heard the truth. I heard that God loved me just as I was and that He had a plan for my life. I was told that if I accepted Jesus as my personal savior, He would work a miracle in my life. In that jail cell, I asked Jesus to come into my life. He did and He gave me a miracle.
I was miraculously released from prison after serving ten months on a four year sentence! I now travel across the country preaching in prisons.
Dr. Bumphus is a board member of the Coalition of Prison Evangelists. An internationally recognized organization.

Bunny Greenwood

Bunny Greenwood ministered for 33 years with her late husband, COPE’S founder Bishop Frank Costantino. Bunny and Frank Costantino married in 1962. In February 1968, Frank, a gangster in the underworld, was sentenced to prison for 22 years. He served five years and was released on parole in 1972. While in prison Frank accepted Christ and one year later Bunny asked Christ into her heart. They went into full time ministry in 1974 and ministered in prisons all over the world. Her biography, Lady in the Shadow, describes what it was like to be an inmate’s wife. Frank and Bunny have six children, 12 grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Frank passed away in 2006 after 43 years of marriage. Today, Bunny is married to Bobby Greenwood. She continues to be a popular speaker in prisons, conferences and women’s retreats.

Travis Moffitt

Travis Moffitt graduated from Christ For The Nations Institute in 1994. He married Gina Doughty in 1994. Gina graduated from CFNI in 1993. He spent 17 years in the business world while working bi-vocationally in ministry.  

Travis and Gina moved to Tampa, Florida in 1999 where they began attending MorningStar Church. In 2004 they made their first trip to Honduras with MorningStar Church. Together they have led over 30 trips to Honduras and other nations as well as ministered in numerous prisons in Texas, Florida and other countries. 

In 2011 they, along with Javier and Danielle Mendoza, launched Connect Global through which Travis has ministered in Thailand, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, and Colombia. Travis has completed a great deal of advanced educational courses including the National Institute of Christian Leadership with Dr. Mark Rutland. 

Today Connect Global is working on developing a Missionary Training School in La Ceiba, Honduras to raise up and send out Latino missionaries into the Middle East as well as building a Maternity Home for new mothers. Travis and Gina have one son, Noah who was born in 2009.

Pastor Steve Holder

As the leaders of Bethel Church, Pastor Steve & Sharon Holder are a dynamic couple of faith who sincerely love the people of their community and globe. Lead Pastor Steve Holder is known for his bold preaching, his passion for the community, and his love for people. Able to connect with people of all ages and all walks of life, Pastor Steve genuinely cares for each person who walks through the doors of Bethel Church. His fatherly love is evident in his desire to develop young leaders, serve the community, and nurture a family and church of passionate worshippers. 

Guest Worshiper and Speaker

Dan Utz

Music that flows from the heart - Dan Utz started Clearwater as a Christian country band in 1995 having been part of another prison ministry since 1981. The band toured USA and Canada for over 4 years before several members retired from the band. Dan continues to provide music for Christian venues, however his music passion is sharing the platform with other other musicians, young and old, in prisons and correctional facilities. Clearwater Ministires is a non-profit organization.

Dan Utz
Clearwater Ministries, Inc.



Kevin Resnover

Andrew Foster

Javier Mendoza